Brussels: 1980, “First Price Tapestries” –  National Commision of Artisan Art –  winning tapestry “Life & Death”
Antwerp: 1980, “Second Price Bell Telephone” - The Club of Twelve
Bruges: 1981, Gold Medal, Art Collection Iris
Ninove: 1984, Price of the Press for the creation “Clouds”
Zonhoven: 2004-2005, Incorporation of Art Competition in the old people’s home of St Catherine – incorporation of textile tiles & sisal tapestry
Zedelgem: 2005, Third Price, project for Culture Price
Zedelgem: 2006. Integration with 22 textile tiles in the new village-hall.
Ghent: 2007. 2° Laureaat "Arts+Sports Trophy 2007" at Lineart, the international art fair for ethnographic, modern and contemporary art

Honourable mentions

Brussels: 1986, cartondesigns for tapestry – for Fortis Bank  (originally Generale Bank)
Wilrijk : 1980, cartondesigns – for the Cultural Centre
Dermonde & Sint-Pietersleeuw
: 1987, different cartondesigns
: 2002,  selected for the Provincial Price for Artisanal Arts of  the  Province of  West Flanders
: entry in “PIRON:  Dictionnaire  des  Artistes  Plasticiens de Belgique des 19e & 20e siècle” (dictionary of Plastic Artists of Belgium)
Krefeld (Germany): Textile Museum – selected for participation in the itinerant exhibition “Liturgie  Gewänder” (liturgical habits)
Merelbeke: artist’s portrait in “ISEL” magazine – may-june 2006

Important achievements

Torhout: 1998, order for tapestry for flowershop: “Die letzte Rose” (the Last Rose)
Handzame: 1999, assignment for tapestry for local church “Hieroglyphs”
Handzame: 2002, assignment for tapestry for local church “Heaven  &  Earth” - “The Moon”
Numerous incorporations of textile tiles at private clients’ homes
Zonhoven: 2004-2006, incorporation of  textile tiles  &  sisal tapestry in the old people’s home of St Catherine
Orders of private clients in Ghent & Bruges, incorporation of textile tiles & silk reliefs
Torhout: 2006. Integration sisal tapestrie "Heaven and Earth" in the church of Don Bosco.
Zedelgem : 2006-2007. Integration with textile tiles in the new townhall.